the brothers

Ryan Friesen

With over 17 years of experience in residential construction, Ryan makes up half of the Friesen Brothers.  He began his career in finish carpentry immediately out of high school and still has a love for this aspect of construction.  In 2002, after marrying a girl from the South, Ryan found himself moving to Mobile, Alabama.  He excelled in carpentry and eventually made his way into renovations.  Ryan successfully ran his own construction + renovation company in Alabama until 2011 when he and his family relocated back to the Fraser Valley. 

Husband to Elita. Dad to 3 wild boys and 1 sweet little girl.  Lover of adventure, nature, and laughter.


Colton Friesen

The other half of the Friesen Brothers is Colton.  Like his older brother, Colton was always involved in construction during summers and for odd jobs.  After graduating from high school, he excelled at carpentry, framing, and forms.  Colton went back to school and graduated from UBC with a teaching degree in Tech Ed.  It was after his college graduation that Colton decided he missed hands-on work and headed back into the construction field.  He worked at Kitchen Art Design as a carpenter for 5 years before he and Ryan opened their business.   

Husband to Tanja. Dad to 3 littles. Lover of all things wood, retro, and modern.