Brothers. Best friends.  And now Business Partners.

It was inevitable that we would go into the construction field.  Growing up in a family full of tradesmen, builders, and developers, we were provided with ample opportunity to learn about construction in the lower mainland .  But it was our dad, the owner of a local kitchen design company, who taught us work ethic, people skills, and honesty.   

After mowing lawns for a few teenage summers, we each decided to get into the family business of construction.  But we quickly learned that just because we knew people in the industry didn't mean we would receive special treatment.  In fact, we both began our construction jobs at the bottom of the barrel: we were the clean-up crew.  We swept and dug and swept some more.  We learned that hard work and a good attitude pays off.  After a couple of summers of hard labor, we individually made our way into carpentry.  We each had a love for working with wood, problem-solving on the spot, and thinking of new, creative designs. 

After Ryan moved to Alabama, any thoughts of going into business together were put aside.  Those were formative years for both of us: Colton graduated from college, Ryan started his own business in the states, and we both got a lot of experience under our belts.

It was a surprise to both of us when Ryan moved back to Vancouver after nine years.   It wasn't long before the casual discussion of starting our own company became more serious.  

And then, in November of 2012, Friesen Brothers Construction, Ltd. officially opened for business. 

The more you get to know us, you'll see how much fun we have doing what we do.  We are highly professional, but we also love to laugh at each other and at ourselves.  After all, that's what brothers do best, right?